SIODROID Version 3.2.0 r1360

What’s new in SIODROID 3.2.0 r1360 (Published Feb 1, 2017)

  • Solved several detected bugs.
  • Added new texts and translations.
  • Added new license types:
    • Monthly renewal licenses SERVER/3 & SERVER/6. These licenses allow the connection of 3 or 6 mobile ordering devices with the CLIENT license.
    • CLIENT licenses. These licenses can only be installed on mobile ordering devices and can only work on network connection to SERVER/3 & SERVER/6 licenses.
    • ONE versions now can be upgraded to any other license type.
    • On BETA versions, the expiration date has been extended until June 30th 2017.
  • Hardware compatibility:
    • Citaq V8, H10 & H14 upgraded compatibility.
    • Added new POSLAB Ecoplus-66 with Octa Core CPU.
    • Printing improved on SUNMI V1.
    • First version compatibility with SUNMI T1.
  • Images on payment and sales functions are now smaller.
  • Added the Customers creation & edition, when SIODROID is linked to SERVER.
  • Added the Customers’ file synchronization when SIODROID is linked to SERVER.
  • Improved the data export procedures for German fiscal law GDPdU.
  • Changed SMTP port from 25 to 587. Before, some e-mail servers were classifying the SIODROID e-mails as SPAM.
  • Upgraded XML printing files on Documents (Stock procedures).
  • Upgraded the pack items print on kitchen printer. Now the pack item name is always printed one line before the pack item components.
  • On Proforma invoices now it also prints the User name.
  • Solved a problem, when clicking in HOME button on launcher versions.
  • Added online Help on Statistics and Documents menu.
  • Solved a problem related to Receipt amendments and stock control. The refunded items didn’t enter on stock again.
  • Solved a problem with backup copies restoring.
  • Now on Items and Families programming, on the color selection screen is displayed the RGB number of each color.
  • Now on Items and Families Import and Export, you can use the RGB color number for each product.
  • Solved a problem when trying to delete the Matrix (Size & Colors) on Items.

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